2D Drawings

These are drawings from my courses while enrolled in the Drafting program at UVU, sorted by course type. Some of these drawings, notably the mechanical ones, were later used to produce some of the entries on the 3D Renderings page. To enlarge the images, simply click on them. Doing so will open them in a new window without replacing this one.

Architectual (AutoCAD 2010)
Site Plan
Footing & Foundation Plan
Elevation Views
Master Floor Plan
Side Detail
Electrical (AutoCAD 2011)
Motor Starter Circuit
Printed Circuit Board Layout
Printed Circuit Board Schematic
Starter Diagram
Mechanical (AutoCAD 2009)
Design Note 1 (Gear Shift Support Plate)
Design Note 3.1 (Gear Shift Support Plate)
Piping (AutoCAD 2009)
Structural Steel (AutoCAD 2010)
Surveying (AutoCAD 2011)
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